Find Hud Homes in Peoria, AZ

If you are looking for a home in the Maricopa County area, consider looking at HUD homes for sale in Peoria, AZ. This can be a great way to get more home for your money in one of the best communities in the country. Ron and Tina Waggoner are experts in HUD homes and can help you to find the best deal on your ideal home.

Buying HUD Homes

The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides, among other things, special financing through the Federal Housing Administration to increase access to homeownership. We are very familiar with purchasing homes through these programs and can help buyers who think this may be a path to buying a home.

Additionally, some homes bought with FHA loans will ultimately be foreclosed upon. These are called HUD homes. The HUD homes in Peoria, AZ offer all the wonderful benefits of living in the city but at better prices. You can often beat the city’s median listing value of $289,100 while getting a wonderful home. Ron and Tina Waggoner have been helping families buy HUD homes for decades. If you are interested in this opportunity, we can help you find the right place.

Section 184 Loans (For Native American Buyers)

We also have experience with Section 184 loans, a type of loan offered by HUD for Native American homebuyers. Tina Waggoner first started working in this niche while exploring her Native American heritage. These loan programs can offer highly advantageous terms to qualifying buyers.

Why You’ll Love Peoria

There are a lot of reasons to explore the HUD homes for sale in Peoria, AZ. These are a few benefits of living in the area:

  • It’s a beautiful area with a sunny climate and year-round warm weather.
  • Phoenix and all the conveniences of the fifth-most-populous city in the country are right next door.
  • Employment in the area continues to grow and beat the national average.
  • Homes are affordable and nice, especially if you take advantage of HUD homes.
  • The schools in the area are award-winning and ASU, a nationally recognized university, is nearby.

Get Started on Your Peoria Home Search

Peoria has a lot to offer you as a homebuyer, whether you are searching for your first home or your next one. Ron and Tina Waggoner know this area well and can help you to take advantage of HUD homes in Peoria, AZ. We are here to help you get the right deal on the right home. Contact us today to learn more.